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Environmentally-conscious, quality dental care products now available online. Why not take this small step to minimizing the impact of waste on the world?

Flosspot TM


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1 Glass Jar + 40m Spool of Silk Floss

$10.00 CA EA + tx


FlosspotTM Refill

2x40m Spools of Silk Floss

$15.00 CA EA + tx

FlosspotTM Elegance Collection

1 Glass Jar + 40m Spool of Silk Floss

+ 2x40m Refill + Silver Travel Case

$40.00 CA EA + tx

Travel Case

1 Case, Silver Colour

$15.00 CA EA + tx

Flosspot TM Gold


FlosspotTM Gold

1 Stainless Stee Jar + 50m Spool of Vegan Corn Fibre Floss

$10.00 CA EA + tx

FlosspotTM Gold Refill

2x50m Spools of Vegan Corn Fibre Floss

$15.00 CA EA + tx

FlosspotTM Gold Elegance Collection

1 Stainless Steel Jar + 50m Spool of Vegan Corn Fibre Floss + 2x50m Refill + Gold Travel Case

$40.00 CA EA + tx

Travel Case

1 Case, Gold Colour

$15.00 CA EA + tx

Brush with Bamboo TM


Bamboo Straws


Brush with BambooTM - Adult

1 Adult Size Bamboo Toothbrush

$10.00 CA EA + tx

Brush with BambooTM - Child

1 Child Size Bamboo Toothbrush

$10.00 CA EA + tx

Bamboo Drinking Straws

1 Bundle of 12 Straws

$30.00 CA EA + tx

~ BULK ~

Bamboo Drinking Straws

Case of 100 Straws

$150.00 CA EA + tx

Nelson Naturals


Colloidal Silver Toothpaste

The classic toothpaste flavour for the ultimate fresh breath! No funny business here. The spearmint flavour packs a punch.

Does not contain glycerin, SLS or fluoride.

Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Xylitol, Sea Salt, Colloidal Silver, Castile Soap, Trace Mineral Concentrate, Spearmint Essential Oil.

$9.99 CA EA + tx

Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets

A mess free, convenient, portable and perfectly portioned toothpaste tablet. Lightweight, perfect for travel or to brush on the go. Twice the size of other toothpaste tablets, you will only need one to get your teeth squeaky clean.

Fluoride Free-Vegan-Gluten Free.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, xylitol, potassium bitartrat (cream of tartar) *spearmint flavour, *peppermint flavour, gum arabic, sel marin (sea salt), menthol, magnesium stearate, silica.

*organic ingredient

$12.99 CA EA + tx

We are distributed in Canada exclusively by PurityLife Health Products. For CANADIAN WHOLESALE PRICING contact:



CANADIAN zero waste stores please note: Both Flosses and Brushes are Class 1 Medical Devices. We hold a valid MEDICAL DEVICE Establishment Licence with Health Canada and  have been in compliance since 2015. Requirements for this licence need to be strictly adhered to as do your NHP #s. So with bilingual labeling and safety seals required, we at KMH CANNOT supply our cherished and necessary zero waste shops with unprotected dental products (Medical Devices Class 1). Bamboo Straws, however, are non-medical and can be purchased in bulk.


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Brush with Bamboo

Nelson Naturals