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The Only PLANT BASED Bristle Toothbrush!

KMH Touches is the Canadian distributor for Brush with BambooTM toothbrushes!


The BRUSH WITH BAMBOOTM BRISTLE: Made entirely in the USA and comprised of American-grown Castor Bean Oil (not seed or stem). 100% of this brush is pure natural plant. “It actually feels like it’s hugging your teeth!” Everything about this brush makes sense.

The BRUSH WITH BAMBOOTM HANDLE: MOSO is the only bamboo allowed. Not being part of the Chinese Panda diet as it is too large for them to eat, this species was selected. (Pandas prefer to snack on shoots and sprouts.) This bamboo species grows up to 3 feet a day making it a highly renewable resource and currently less than 2% of the mountain growth is used. With the Kumar family and the BWB team ever-present during the process, we are confident that proper employee practices are being implemented regularly. Bamboo brushes have been created for hundreds of years in Asia, and only now are we realizing the true uniqueness of this fascinating tradition. FYI: The original bamboo toothbrushes in 1495 were bristled with boar hair – we’ve come a long way!

Bamboo possesses natural properties that make it ideal for a toothbrush handle:

• Anti-fungal

• Anti-microbial

• Antibacterial

Tip: Some find the bamboo taste unappealing. Adding coconut oil to the bristles of a new brush can minimize the bamboo taste.

Certified and Accredited

Wherever possible BWB strives to meet standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness for both product and packaging. The origami-style cardboard box is now eco-sealed and tamper-proof, as required by Health Canada (medical device). As always with BWB brand only non-toxic inks are used. BWB is certified 100% organic and was recently certified by CERES for adhering to high environmental standards in farming and processing. Their certified 100% USDA BIO-based rating is superior to any other toothbrush.

(and there are thousands)

Brush with BambooTM is the ONLY USDA-tested 100% bio-based toothbrush currently on the market.

Why did we choose to represent BRUSH WITH BAMBOOTM in Canada?

VINOD KUMAR. He and his son Ro created the plant based bristle in 2015. After connecting with them we visited the west coast to meet the family. This is what we found:

“The goal of our company is to help move the world to a zero-waste lifestyle.”

Manju Kumar

Available in children’s and adult sizes.

Find Brush with BambooTM in most Canadian health food stores and here.

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